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Everything is beautiful! My mother cried when she saw the azaleas in the front. Your crew did a fabulous job and I am very grateful for your sensitivity thru the experience. You never missed anything (palms trimmed, sprinklers, shrubs and trees trimmed) all the things my mom has missed. Your sprinkler man is terrific - I now know how to program!

Thank you so very much. It was great to share my mom's happiness.
Residential Customer

I was just made aware of another generous service you and your folks have provided to the Sweetwater community.  I was told several of your landscape professionals spent a significant amount of time cleaning up a badly neglected property on Crosswater drive. 

I wanted to express the sincere thanks of the Board.
President, (a homeowner's association)
(by the way, your guys continue to do an outstanding job at my house!)

I am writing to say how pleased I am with your services and since hiring you (almost a year ago) I just want to let you to know what I think about your services in lawn care.  You have a wonderful, hardworking crew who take care of every detail in looking after my yard, both in trimming my hedges & plants as well as blowing off leaves etc., and even removing them from my yard as well.

Your crew are most cooperative if ever asked to do anything. They are all are very hard workers in addition to being very pleasant young men. In all the years I have hired different lawn services (many of whom were sloppy and somewhat lazy) but not with your company crew!  I must say I have never come across a lawn service as good as yours. 

Also, your price is very reasonable which I'm sure will encourage more people to employ your services.

I will be glad to inform my friends and neighbors of the above and also ask to have you put on our website in order that all our Twelve Oaks residents may benefit with your services.

I am also copying the President of our Home Owners Association in this letter and I hope she will also be able to share this with our residents in Twelve Oaks since she always takes such good care of the needs of our neighbors. 
Thank you for your good service and I wish you have continued success in your business.

Twelve Oaks Resident

Bart, hope you are doing well. I didn't see your guys last week so would you please thank them for me, I had planned to give my garden a general tidy up and came home to find they'd done it for me, it was very much appreciated as allergies are kicking my butt at the moment. Don't tell you often enough but we really appreciate all your hard work. You've been taking care of our yard for 17 years and never missed a week, really impressive and you and the guys always do a great job.Take care.
Residential Customer

I would like to say that we are extremely happy with the services provided by your company and the professionalism of your employees and I have forwarded your information along to friends that are dissatisfied with their current lawn care company.
Residential Customer

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